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Luke Falcon Sapp

Luke Falcon Sapp


Quite literally some of the best food you will ever eat. I went five months without and I vow to never do so again (when he left Whole Foods Foggy Bottom – Dec 2019). Two reasons to order from Chef Majed:

1) Best Chicken Shawarma ever, period. Many friends have remarked that they have never had a better shawarma plate — you know, the Middle East traveling types — literally never have I ever had a better hummus, nor chicken pita sandwich with pomegranate sauce.
-1a) Chef’s other food is also great — I have eaten a variety of items including the lemon potatoes, beef shawarma, kebap hindi, etc. He had a long menu in his early Foodhini days for those of us who remember.
2) Chef Majed just could not be nicer — you can’t help but be addicted to the authentic warmth of his food and friendliness. A real nice guy.

Let there be no doubt to the quality of your future meal!